Quality for Lissandy is defined as setting the bar higher every single time, during every single process. For us it’s a never-ending quest for perfection. The management philosophy of Lissandy is to add value for our clients in a consistent and sustainable way.


At our manufacturing leather is formed by hundreds of skilled hands and eyes. Precision is our number one priority. By combining unique skills with technological innovations and ongoing R&D, we aim to reinvent our selves as much as possible.


Form fallows function is our number one design credo. To achieve a sustainable level of creativity and innovation, our perception of design is a melting pot of reason and emotion. combined with experience. For each client we create a design and colour forecasting catalogue from which we start working on the relevant collections.


We are in constant effort for innovation and improvement to pursue excellence in the needed fields. We constantly aim to create new compositions with leathers such as lambnappa, cownappa, goatsuede as well as lamb double face.

With an experienced team of designers and skilful support of our own R&D division, Lissandy has succeeded in inspiring innumerable international brands

QUALITY CONTROL in Turkey Manufacturing